NEC students in the Project Firefly

Two members of Nova Economics Club have participated recently in the Project Firefly, a platform that provides a network opportunity between students and recent graduates from different universities. Rita Palmeira and Diana Correia, both currently students of the Master in Economics at NOVA SBE submitted essays subordinated to the topic: “Is monetary policy alone enough to stimulate economic recovery?”

According to Professor Susana Peralta (who also collaborates with NEC, particularly as academic coordinator of the Housing Market group in the KPI’s project) stated that: “this is a very interesting competition, it’s the merit – not student background alone – that determines publication decisions on Project Firefly”. The essays were reviewed by a board which includes professors from the London Business School, Harvard University, University of Sydney Business School, University of St. Gallen or UC Berkeley Economics and Political Science.

Diana Correia’s essay can be read here
Rita Palmeira´s essay can be read here


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  1. Hi – i am frederico hartmann – a retired swiss jounalist living now for 8 years years in the algarve act. working for some swiss / german press agencies. i was real highlighted about your activities and output here. it is real a the right way -please go on. but i think its a hard job to convince ” the portguese old fashion thinking” administration – the portguese” Tree” ist looking not bad – but his roots have tobe lifted on a european standard. make a contact if you like.

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