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Albert Jaeger in an interview to Expresso / Revista (14.07.2012) makes a nice reference to the efforts of the member of Nova Economics Club, quote in Portuguese, from the article: “Tem-lhe acontecido ir às faculdades fazer palestras ou simplesmente ouvir. Já acompanhou o antigo chefe Poul Thomsen a Coimbra a um debate “vivissímo” na Universidade e, num destes dias, estava espantado com a qualidade das apresentações feitas por alunos da Nova sobre o acompanhamento das medidas da troika, sobretudo uma sobre o sistema de Justiça.” The presentations to which Albert Jaeger refers can be found in the previous post.

This sets a high standard for the next round of documents, of course.


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  1. i just read an article about your project at the Hompage of the german political magazine “Der Spiegel” []. Just great that you want to help your country and government in this way. The situation of the Euro Zone is deadly dangerous and every professioanl aid is preferable. Best wishes for your work and the future from Germany!

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