Der Spiegel, no idea

of what is the content of article in Der Spiegel (it is in German), here, but likely to be useful to those who understand German.



  1. it’s an interesting article. i study economics in cologne, germany and wish you good luck with your initiative.
    in my mind 95% of the people in germany also don’t know much about those topics like “economic cycle”, “labor economics”, “government debt” etc.
    i think it is one of the original tasks of the media, that should throw light on those topics, as those topics are most likely the most important things that people should know about when they elect their giverments. well, it’s a shame that it’s all about you and similar initiatives but i wish you all the best.

    greets from germany,

  2. It’s a positive comment about your club, very interesting. Prepare to have many visitors on your site, Der Spiegel is very popular in Germany.

  3. The article broke down the NEC research into three main theses:

    – most people don’t ask for a solution of the crisis, they only look for culprits
    – no matter what strategy, a lot of people wil be affected severely
    – solving the crisis is a question of deprivations. to abstain now will make things better in the future

    Since I have not read your research (I came through the Spiegel article to your site) I can’t tell if that is correct. Some commenters found those ideas a bit shallow/evident.

    Either way, I find your efforts quite interesting and will read the pdfs. Especially since I am not an economist or know much about whats going on in Portugal.

  4. Der SPIEGEL is showing young students, who try to help their government cutting wages and the welfare system, making the poor to pay the national debt and helping the rich, paying no taxes and exploiting the working class, and increasing profits of the entrepreneur and making the legal system more business friendly.

    Some students of economy in Germany agree with you and hope to be rewarded with well-paying jobs after graduation.

    1. Dear keynesianer.:

      As member of the Nova Economics Club I feel that I should answer to your comment that seemed to me a bit unfair. As we said to the journalist from Der Spiegel, our club is neither political nor ideological oriented. Among those who make part of the club you will find different political sensibilities and opinions about the present economic moment in Portugal.

      As you can read in the works that we have already published, they do not make any political or moral statement about the Troika measures, which will be impossible to do among such a large group of students. But despite the opinions that each one of us can have about these measures, they exist and they are being applied, so we cannot ignore them! Our work is essentially technical measuring and getting an idea about what are the impacts that all these Troika Reforms are having in Portugal. We provide data and results, and then our readers and followers can, using this extra information, build their own opinions according what are their personal views.


      Pedro Freitas, member of NEC

  5. Hi again, don’t worry about guys like him. As in every society there always are some frustrated ones who think that it’s ‘cool’ to be against everything that they don’t understand. As a matter of fact they try to blame others for their shipwreck or try to blame it on the “system”. To be honest, at least for germany i can say: there has never been a better / more comfortable time to gain a living than nowadays (for someone who’s willing to do his bit).
    but hey… some people want to have it all but give nothing in return and don’t even consider that every € has to be gained before it is spent. – actually those guys are not even worth a penny but can go to the polls (and it’s so easy to catch their votes)… that’s the problem and that’s why more and more will leave this country before it’s too late.

    Greets and good luck again,


    1. Philipp, having the right to vote does luckily not depend on how much money someone makes or what his/her opinion about certain topics are.

      I think the current crisis is also due to the lack of serious discussion (by the public and the media) how contemporary societies/economies could work and support (all) their people. To do that diverse and controversial opinions need to be heard.

      1. sorry, you got me wrong – it was not about money, it was about contribution in general. some people just contribute nothing and are not even interested in understanding the reality.
        nevertheless – and that actually is a problem – they try to change things their way.
        it lacks in breeding, in education and in objective enlightenment and i see noone complaining about this problem.
        instead of this we have a culture/lifestyle of ignorance concerning “good information” in general – it’s more and more about fun and easy-living – and this in a time when understanding the general stuff of economics has never been more important.

        i tell you: europe is not democratic and its states are at least partly leaving democratic principles too – like germany.

        what is a democracy worth when its people are not roughly able to understand what is going on? everyone has an opinion about everything but what are those opinions based on? objective information? less and less.
        soon, europe will not be an alternative for many people any more.
        i can hardly say how disappointed i am about the media.

        it is an irony of history that media (in germany) was brought into this powerful position to prevent what they are actually doing.

        media has the POWER – noone else has.

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