Opinion texts from NEC members

Nova Economics Club is composed by a vast and heterogeneous group of economics students from Nova School of Business and Economics. Until now, in the different projects the club has been involved, these students have always worked in groups and we have produced reports, which we aim are essentially technical and analytical, hoping that they constitute a rich source of information and help those who read them to construct their own opinions in a more informed way. Although from now on, we want to give floor to the opinions, views and perspectives of each one of the students that make part of NEC. It is with this purpose that we intend to publish here in the NEC blog, in a weekly basis, chronics and opinion texts from the student of the Club.

These texts should express a particular view about one relevant and important current economic issue chosen by the own student. Students can also write about their currently research projects, or some of the results they have achieved during their current work in their master thesis. By this way, we aim to turn this new space in the blog, not just a good platform of discussion and debate about our present economic reality, but as well allow for the public presentation and discussion of results achieved by our club members in their individual research work.

We hope that those who visit the blog find the texts of your interest and we invite you to use the comments box to express your opinions about what was written and with that continue, what we hope to be, a fruitful and rich debate.

In this first week we publish the text from Simão Arouca: Discontent and the root/route of change.


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