New Report Labour Market

In the same context of the 2nd Booklet of Housing Market Group, Labour Market Group publishes is 2nd report as well.

Complementing the first report published in 17th of May, we have not only improved the Unemployment Benefits KPIs but also set new ones for the three areas in the MoU that were not approached in the first report: Employment Protection Legislation, Working Time Arrangements and Wage Setting and Competitiveness. Active Labour Market Policies KPIs will be actualized soon.

The KPIs still evidence the crisis that started in 2008/2009 and as the literature supports, Labour Market has a delay in terms of reacting to the path of the economy. Moreover, as many demonstrations have evidenced in the last months, most of the changes in the Portuguese Labour Market have only been implemented in 2012.

Having set the KPIs that can be observed in the first and the second reports, our group intends, from now on, not only to track them along the adjustment program but also go further in the analysis and study the different short and long-term impacts of the Portuguese Labour Market Reform.

2nd Report NEC Labour – 7Dec – download


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