NEC Conference July 8th – Summary

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On 8th July Nova Economics Club hosted the conference which marked the second year of work of the club. For this event NEC invited three renowned speakers who gave their insights about the present economic and social moment in Portugal and Europe. The vivid discussion that followed counted with the moderation of the professor Francesco Franco from Nova SBE.

The first presentation was made by Teodora Cardoso, former member of the board of the Bank of Portugal and presently president of the Public Finances Council. Teodora Cardoso gave her view on the role of the ECB throughout the current crisis, explained how the managing of the liquidity has been made in Europe to face the present economic challenges, and identified the limitations for direct intervention of the monetary authority. (Teodora Cardoso’s presentation can be download Here)

Nuno Garoupa focused his intervention on the justice sector, particularly on what he believes have been the loopholes of the reforms that are underway. Nuno Garoupa went deeper in what he believes is the poor distribution of judges between high instance courts and first instance courts, and what must be the main measures to undertake in order to successfully increase the efficiency of the Portuguese justice system.

Finally, Pedro Magalhães explored the extent to which the Portuguese public opinion has accepted and approved the measures and reforms stated in the Memorandum of Understanding. Pedro Magalhães focused on the evolution of popularity of the government during the last two years, stressing the importance of the TSU measure has a turn over point in the Portuguese political environment and a strong blow against the social consensus prevailing at the time. The speaker also gave his insights on the failures of the Portuguese political system to face the present economic difficulties in opposition to the Nordic framework.

Following the success of this event, NEC intends to promote with further enthusiasm the discussion on the economic moment that the country is living, thus providing enriching experiences to its audience. Associated to such effort is also the launch of the club’s quarterly publication. More details will be provided very soon.


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  1. Thanks for sharing some thoughts on the event!

    Can you be more specific on Nuno Garoupa’s conclusions for the justice system?

    Were those conclusions similar to the ones he mentions in the book “Governo da Justiça”?

    I believe people tend to underestimate the economic importance of a good and efficient justice system.


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