Equilibria, Quarterly Journal of Nova Economics Club – Num 1

capa equilibria

After one year and half of activity, Nova Economics Club launches its first quarterly publication, Equilibria. This publication intends to be a summary of the most significant work developed by NEC, but also a way to bring to a wider audience the most recent academic research on the Portuguese Economy.

This initiative reflects the intention of NEC to keep contributing for the debate about the present moment of the Portuguese economy.

It was with these goals in mind that in this first publication we bring the following topics:

  • Macro Snapshot: A retrospective, based on Ricardo Reis’  “The Portuguese slump-crash and the Euro crisis (2013)”
  • Ongoing in the MoU
  • KPI’s – Focus of the Quarter
  • Research Highlights:                                                                                                     A projection of the market based adjustment path of the Portuguese Economy,  by Francesco Franco;                                                                                                    The Impact of Early Retirement Reforms on Firms’ Employment  Adjustment, by Andrea Alecci
  • Best Of comments:                                                                                                   Dual Education? Yes, but… ,  by Sofia Oliveira;                                                   Abuse of dominant position and essential facilities,  by Tiago Silva.
  • Agenda

We thank and welcome all the feedback, comments and ideas that the readers of this first issue of Equilibria may want to send us through our email: novaeoconomicsclub@gmail.com.

Download Equilibria NEC publication here (updated version, corrected from the initial publication)


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