Equilibria – 2

capa equilibria 2

NEC launches the second issue of its quarterly publication, Equilibria. Once again this publication intends to be a summary of the most significant work developed by NEC and also a way to bring to a wider audience the most recent academic research on the Portuguese Economy.

In this second publication NEC covered the following topics:

  • Macrosnaphot: Brief discussion on Portuguese Municipalities
  • Ongoing the MoU
  • KPI’s – Focus of the Quarter
  • Research highlights:

      Ana Balcão Reis, Maria do Carmo Seabra, Luís Catela Nunes: The publication of              school rankings: a step toward increased accountability

      Ana Rita Borges, Catastrophic Health Care Expenditures in Portugal between 2000-           2010

  • Best of comments: A credible austerity?  By João Barata and Vasco Botelho

We thank and welcome all the feedback, comments and ideas that the readers of this number of Equilibria may want to send us through our email: novaeconomicsclub@gmail.com.

Download Equilibria NEC publication here


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