Our Newsletter for January is now out!

Nova Economics Club has a monthly newsletter, dedicated to an economist born in that month (chosen by the bibliography writer), including opinion articles from NEC members, economic statistics (NEC Stats), and a review of news and economics articles published in that month (Month in Review and NEC Recommends)!

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ed14_2017_jan        ed13_2016_novdec

January 2017: Tyler Cowen                 November/December 2016: Emmanuel Saez

ED12_2016_SEP&OCT.png        Piero Sraffa Edition - NEC #11 Publication

September/October 2016: Hyman Minsky            Summer 2016: Pierro Sraffa Edition

Junho        Maio

…… .June 2016: J.M. Keynes Edition                             May 2016: F.A. Hayek Edition

Abril        Março

….    April 2016: John R. Hicks Edition                 March 2016: Daniel Kahneman Edition

Fevereiro        Janeiro

….February 2016: Irving Fisher Edition               January 2016: Myron S. Scholes Edition

Dezembro          Novembro

..December 2015: Gary S. Becker Edition            November 2015: Robert F. Engle Edition

Outubro       Setembro

….October 2015: Robert Mundell Edition             September 2015: Robert E. Lucas Edition


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