Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision
Our aim is to bridge economic theory and practice for Nova students, using sound empirical methods and adopting an interdisciplinary view of reality. We serve the wider community by influencing economic policymaking and debate in a plethora of issues concerning economic, political, and social thinking.
We have established a vision for NEC: to be a think-tank that can allow students to put in practice the knowledge obtained in classes and divulge relevant work to the society.

Why you should join us
Research Opportunities
Being a member of the Nova Economics Club means you get an upper hand on several research prospects. Professors, Portuguese and European institutions will be submitting opportunities as they become available throughout the year.

The ability to have a venue in which to communicate with others interested in the same field is beneficial to all participants. Becoming familiar with each other’s niche will allow members to further assist one another by passing along any pertinent information that would further develop another’s individual career path.

Social activities
We occasionally meet for dinners and other social events.